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Team Fortress 2 Maps

Granary: Granary is a Capture Point map set in an industrial warehouse complex. Teams compete to capture and hold multiple control points to secure victory. The map's layout features long corridors, open areas, and multiple flanking routes, making it suitable for various playstyles. Granary is often praised for its balanced design and competitive gameplay.

Badwater: Badwater Basin is a Payload map that takes place in a desert setting. The attacking team's goal is to escort a bomb cart from the starting point through a series of checkpoints to the final objective. Badwater is known for its diverse terrain, offering opportunities for different classes to utilize their abilities effectively and engage in intense battles.

Hightower: Hightower is a Payload Race map known for its verticality and open design. It takes place on a towering structure in the middle of the ocean. The objective is for each team to push their own cart to the top while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. Hightower is also popular for its relaxed gameplay atmosphere, often used for unconventional gameplay and friendly interactions.

Upward: Upward is a Payload map in Team Fortress 2 set in a mountainous environment. It features a series of stages where the attacking team must push a bomb cart through checkpoints to reach the final objective. The map offers various strategic routes and chokepoints, making it a favorite among players.